Here Are Some Musicians That Already Use CBD

The creative property of CBD has made it popular among creators. Many creatives are trying to avoid the negative effects of other drugs while getting the benefits. From Kim Kardashian, Mike Tyson, Jennifer Aniston, and Tom Hanks to Morgan Freeman, your favourite celebrities use Budpop’s cbd gummies for various reasons. But today is for the musicians.

Gone are the days when artists came on stage too drunk to sing from partying hard the night before. The music business has become too unforgiving for such behaviours. This is why artists need a non-psychoactive, non-addictive alternative to over-the-counter synthetic medicine.

So, here are a few musicians who have openly admitted to using CBD:


Yes, your favourite Canadian rapper not only uses but has started a cannabis production company. He has partnered with Canopy Growth to create the “More Life Growth Company. The company, already licensed by Health Canada, is poised to be a CBD giant. Drake aims to bring the highest quality cannabis products to the world. Drake is also excited to build a world-class company in an ever-growing industry.

Snoop Dogg

If you were to pick any celebrity who will be into CBD randomly, you guessed it would probably be Snoop. He has always carried the cannabis brand from the beginning of his career. His company, “Lead By Snoop,” produces edibles, concentrates, etc. Snoop Dogg has backed CBD firms for years before deciding to start his own. He has also partnered with long-time friend Martha Stewart to start a lineup of CBD products.

Lil Wayne

Wayne’s company Gkua Ultra Premium aligns with his branding throughout his career. The brand selects strands from the highest quality plants for its products. Wayne said he smokes for inspiration and is excited to share the feeling he loves. Wayne met with fans as GKUA launched in Michigan to host a giveaway. Gkua offers CBD flowers, vapes, and other products in the market.

Travis Barker

Producer and drummer Travis knows more than most people about the rigours of touring. He also experienced chronic fear of flying after being involved in a take-off accident that claimed four lives. Experiences like this cause anxiety which CBD helps to alleviate. He recently launched his vegan wellness company aptly named Barker Wellness. They have a lineup of CBD tinctures that are THC free.

John Legend

This multi-award-winning serenading master has been in this business since 2019. He has partnered and invested in multiple CBD companies.

Jay Z

The music mogul launched Monogram, a brand that redefines what CBD products are to people. This company also offers a wide range of flowers, oils, and other cannabis-rooted products, We know that many more musicians use CBD but may not want to admit it because of branding. The benefits of CBD are apparent to musicians on a creative and business level. These many A-list musicians indicate a coming shift in CBD in pop culture.


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